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Water tight internal RJ11 connector for wind sensor


The new WindLogger and WindTracker have been redesigned with some outstanding features. We have delivered an easier than ever wind measurement tool for small wind turbines.

The new wind data loggers come with enhanced battery life thanks to very efficient power management system and its industrial grade batteries. New WindLogger has up to 2 years of battery life and the WindTracker up to 11 years of battery life.

To make sure you know your wind site assessment system is working before leaving site, we have built it with an intelligent anemometer detection system. This will let you know if the logger is reading any wind speeds in real time.

Over 10,000 units sold worldwide

Tested on the toughest real environments

We have added a new 6P4C connector compatible with the Pro & Pro-D anemometers and wind vanes to make even easier the installation. Just pass the connector through the watertight cable gland and "click" it onto the data logger directly. No screwdriver, no cables... just a simple connector.

The new WindLogger can also accommodate 2 anemometers simultaneously for wind shear, wind height extrapolation and turbulence calculation. Besides the 6P4C connector, there's an easy to access row of connectors for more sensors like wind direction and external temperature data logging.

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